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Online Game Night -  Board Games & Video Games

DATES: Wednesdays & Saturdays

TIME: 6 pm - 11 pm




We are taking our events online! Join us for a night of video games, board games & community!

Social distancing shouldn't mean social isolation. We need each other now more than ever! We aren't going to allow COVID-19 to prevent us from connecting with people and playing games. Online of course! Join our friendly, welcoming community today!

How does it work:

Join us in the Main Lobby of our Discord Channel ( at 6pm!

We will organize into different groups based on what people want to play. We play every type of game. It's a great opportunity to connect with people over the games you love and the new games you want to learn!

We will have volunteer Game Masters online to help organize groups.

Don't own any/many games? No problem! We will also be hosting games that you can play for free.

Want to host a specific game? Message us and let us know!

What you need:

Join our Discord Channel (free):
We will be using voice channels so connect a microphone!

Create a Steam account (free):

Create a Tabletopia account (free):

Also, consider buying a copy of Tabletop Simulator on Steam. It gives you access to thousands of board games!

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