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Trash Dash CLT

How much trash can you collect?


Find out in Trash Dash CLT, the new mobile game that challenges you to keep Charlotte clean! 


Play it for FREE on iOS & Android -


Trash Dash CLT is presented by the City of Charlotte & created by POTIONS & PIXELS!

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Collecting garbage, recyclables, yard waste, and bulk items isn’t rocket science - but there is a science to it!

The City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services Department is one of the largest municipal collection systems in the southeastern United States. Each day, more than 300 employees have to navigate a variety of challenges from equipment failure, staffing shortages, weather conditions, collection impediments (cars parked on the street, overfilled carts, items not out for collection, etc), all while collecting and dumping garbage in a timely manner.

These challenges impact service quality, budget, and customer satisfaction.

Trash Dash CLT puts you in charge of Solid Waste Services. During the game you will have to navigate several common challenges faced by the solid waste team.

Your goal is to collect as much trash as possible in order to keep the city happy! When you collect trash on time, Charlotte's happiness will go up and you will be rewarded with extra trucks, which you will need to keep up with increased trash from an ever growing population. If you don't collect trash on time, Charlotte's happiness will go down and eventually it will be Game Over!

As your trucks fill up, you will need to take the time to send them to dump trash at the landfill. You will also need to monitor and repair your trucks or they will break down.

Just like in real life, the trash never stops rolling out and you will need more trucks to keep up. Different parts of the city will grow at different times, so it's up to you to adapt and properly manage your fleet of trucks with the time you have.

How will you keep up with these challenges? The more you play, the better you will get. You will also earn perks that allow you to upgrade various parts of your operation as you see fit. Good luck!

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